Privacy Policy

Last modified date: 3/8/2022

Table of Contents

1. Our Services
2. Website Cookies
3. Cyber Security Policy Coverage
4. Online Security
5. Data Collection
6. Shared Data
7. Refund Policy
8. Cancellation Policy 

Our Services

EmployeeLocator is a commercial locator service committed to protecting the privacy of our online visitors. For this reason, we collect and use only information as needed to deliver our products and services.

Active Client Accounts:

Your protected company information includes data such as:

Company Name

Contact Name 

Business Address

Business Telephone & Fax Number

Business Email Address

Billing and Payment information including required credit card data

Business Verification Document

Your Applicant Order Data:

Registered Company Name

Contact Data Name

Contact Phone Number

Contact email address

Participant’s Full Name

Participant’s SSN

Participant’s Date of Birth (Optional)

Participant’s Last Known Address (Optional) 

Website Cookies

Our website is hosted at GoDaddy. You can read this Internet Service Provider’s statement regarding how cookies are handled by clicking here.

Cybersecurity Policy Coverage

Our website is hosted at GoDaddy and their security policy can be reviewed by clicking here

Online Security

When we transfer and receive certain types of sensitive information such as financial or health information, including on this website private consumer data, we redirect visitors to a secure server which you can verify by making sure that your browser reflects the HTTPS: status. We have appropriate security measures in our physical facilities to protect against the loss, misuse, or alteration of information that we have collected from you at our site. All emails are stored on encrypted servers.

If you feel that this site is not following its stated information policy, you may contact The Federal Trade Commission by phone at 202.FTC-HELP (202.382.4357) or electronically at


Data Collection

We collect information from online visitors who ask to be on our mailing list and receive periodic email announcements. This data is obtained via an opt-in web form on our website. Anyone can choose to be removed from our mailing list at any time as an unsubscribe clause is always contained in all email correspondence.


The information we collect allows us to email you the information you have requested. We also use this data to periodically touch consumers regarding updates on the website and new offers. Data collected via a web form is saved at Constant Contact. Details about the Privacy Center can be viewed by clicking here.

We may use customer information for new, unanticipated uses not previously disclosed in our privacy notice from time to time. If our information practices change, we will contact you before we use your data for these new purposes to notify you of the policy change and to provide you with the ability to opt out of these new uses.

Customers may prevent their information from being used for purposes other than those for which it was initially collected by emailing us at the above address or writing to us at the above postal address. Upon request, we provide site visitors with access to all information [including proprietary information] that we maintain about them.

Consumers can access this information by emailing us at the above address or writing to us at the above postal address. Consumers may also have this information corrected by sending us an email at the above address or writing to us at the above postal address.

Under no circumstances do we sell, barter or rent any data to any unauthorized third-party. As a result, we are in no way responsible for any third-party who has access to our transmitted data such as WordPress or any of the installed plugins we use, including our ISP GoDaddy.  

We use the google analytics plugin which collects data that is covered in the Google privacy policy click here

Shared Data

We may share your personal information with affiliated companies within our corporate family, with third parties with which we have partnered to allow you to integrate their services into our own services, and with trust third-party service providers as necessary for them to perform services on our behalf, such as:

-Processing credit card payments

-Communicating with you such as by way or email or survey delivery

-Customer relationship management

-Security, risk management and compliance

These third parties (and any subcontractors they may be permitted to use) have agreed not to share, use or retain your personal information for any purpose other than as necessary for the provision of Services.

We may contact you directly or through a third-party service provider regarding products or services you have signed up or purchased from us, such as necessary to deliver transactional or service-related communications. We may also contact you with offers for additional services we think you will find valuable if you give us consent. These contacts typically involve email, text, telephone calls, and messenger applications. 

Refund Policy 

You understand that information of an investigatory nature can carry with it no guarantees because we do not control the compilation or accuracy of the sourced data, our sources do, and because sometimes people provide false or misleading information to official and proprietary sources. There is also no way to guaranty the accuracy of a person’s current address because people can and have been known to change their address or location before the repositories that compile the most recent address information catch up with them. 

They simply decide to go “off the grid” and relocate themselves with no intention of ever being found. Rest assured that we are in the people locating business, have been for 35+ years, and will make every effort and do our very best to locate your missing person. We also provide information in most cases that will allow you to contact the person by telephone or email or to be able to make contact with people that may know the person. 

We can’t refund your money if you don’t use every available piece of information provided in our report.   We reserve the right to maintain the charge because we provided the most updated information available and because our report, even if not accurate, is Title 29, Part 4050.4 “diligent effort” compliant and can be used to prove your efforts in locating your missing person.

Cancellation Policy 

We will cancel your product/service request at no charge if the order is canceled before we open it and enter it into the system. We cannot cancel an order after the order is entered into our system because charges have already been incurred.

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