About Us

Employee Locator is a division of APSCREEN®. We find your former employees to reconnect them with their unclaimed funds. Further, we help Benefit Administrators and HR locate missing participants. As a result, you can meet ERISA, GATT, and IRS requirements.

Our Employee Locator Story

Employee Locator began in 1988. A major Las Vegas casino client had a problem. They needed to locate 1,400 missing plan participants. Of course we were happy to oblige. However, we noticed an industry need that we could quickly meet. Soon we became the first commercial locator service.

Employee Locator Finds Missing Participants

In short, we help businesses find missing plan participants.  Particularly, we work with the human resources sector. We serve both large corporations and small business. With our batch reports, we assist third-party administrators.


Ask our clients what they love most about Employee Locator.  They will likely tell you it is our customer service. Call us old-fashioned. Also, our hand-curated reports definitely keep them coming back.


We do all of the research and compliance work for you. Of course, each report goes through a proprietary process. Also, you never receive raw data that you have to decipher on your own.


We save you time and the headache of doing your own locates. Plus, we give you proof of due diligent effort made.

Employee Locator provides a good address 99% of the time. All you need is a valid partial or full SSN. Our written report covers your legal requirements. So you can close your file with no doubt. Our data meets the Title 29, Part 4050.4 diligent effort.

In addition, we can help if your participant is deceased. By identifying Next of Kin, we find your missing participant.

Using Employee Locator is Easy

Our service involves no sign-up costs. We don’t add hidden fees. And there is no minimum or monthly charge. Specifically, you only pay a small fee per report.

Successful locates require unlimited access to a wide range of data. We use more databases than any other service. And, you are in good hands with our well-trained professionals. They ascertain only the exact information you need

Call us today at (800) 277-2733. Or click the Register button above. We are confident you will be satisfied with our Employee Locator services.