Locate NOW Report $10
You get the most correct and current address available, name variations as well as usually whether your applicant has died (most of the time), telephone numbers and even email addresses.

All reports are hand-processed, not machine-generated which saves you the time and trouble of dealing with locating your subjects by using inferior, cheap or otherwise incomplete data sold cheap but with high monthly minimum fees.
Why we say we are 99% effective:

APSCREEN has assembled every reliable identification repository into proprietary, algorithmically driven and universally searchable databases which include information from the three major credit bureaus as well as over 30 other proprietary sources.

We do not use a few; we use all of them. So, what you get is the best possible assemblage from every imaginable source and that makes the reports immediately Title 29 compliant – on the first try!

We triple check and run the social security number of the employee or plan participant and find a corrected, updated or even more current name and/or address 99% of the time.

If the name and address we identify seems to be the same as the one you already have, we usually discover that either an apartment number was different or missing, the street name was incorrectly abbreviated, the direction of the street (N, S, E, W) was omitted, the City name is incorrect, the zip code was wrong or the person's name has changed – all reasons why the Post Office will not deliver your mail to them. These inaccuracies are corrected in our report so 99% of the time when the information you receive from us is put on the envelope, it will be delivered. That process yields positive results 99% of the time as the literally millions of locates we have provided since1988 statistically attest to.

If the mail is returned we have great news for you! Our Employee Locator report is well known and recognized by both the IRS and the PBGC as a bona-fide third-party, fully compliant Title 29, Part 4050.4 "diligent effort" report and stands alone in providing you with the compliance you need to refer the file. At that point you can be done with the file if you want to be, refer it with our report and your returned mail attached to the file, and be confident that you are fully ERISA compliant.

Ordering online is easy, but we can take fax orders as well.

Open Locate Report (No SSN Provided) $35
Sometimes you have an incorrect or missing SSN and/or limited identifiers, or an anomalous or out-of-context request. When this occurs and you need to affect a "non-SSN" or "limited-identifier" based locate, an entirely different set of privacy statutes kicks in because this identification process is considered the same identification development strategy that identity thieves use, so privacy compliance is tighter, the information harder to get to and is more expensive.

Next of Kin Report $35
You must use either the Locate NOW! or OPEN LOCATE Report (above) as the basis to conduct this search. We understand that you might have determined that the person died on your own, but our initial search will likely yield more information than you have, and it is upon that basis that our internal process develops the Next of Kin information. We are successful about 90% of the time. If you are unsuccessful with this search, we can continue to search on an hourly basis.

Large Groups of Missing Participants - Batch Processing (Possible Discounts Available)
Many times large groups of participants exist that need a different approach to the management of their files. We have developed a file-matching service which allows a basic Excel input format to be matched for updated addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses, without the hands-on/eyes-on attention that our $10 Title 29 Complaint Locate NOW! Reports require.

The cost savings can be significant. The simple strategy here is to run large numbers of missing participants in order to whittle down the number of missing participants by well over 95% (on the first pass) so that you will need the LOCATE NOW! (compliant) product on the few that do not pan out on the first pass. The savings can be significantly less than the cost of the LOCATE NOW! product, on a one-by-one basis when using this management strategy.

The result is the same on address/name update/correction, decedent information and additional contact information the only difference is that the results are delivered in an updated version of your Excel workbook file for easy downloading into your mailing label program. These results do not qualify for Title 29 compliance, but if you can knock out most of the files on the first pass, following up on the tiny percentage of missed files with the complaint reports is a better strategy if you have a large batch of missing participants.

Now there are services out there that are offered for as low as .25 cents per name but they are only providing one database and their success rates are dramatically less percentage-wise than our results because we use over 30 repositories.

These services also charge monthly minimum fees that range from between $25 up to $500 per month so it is false economy to use the services especially when their success rates are about 60% (we know, we used to use them).

We are a boutique business assembling all available repositories and they are selling their own file so the results are not nearly as good. We have determined this on a random-test basis and this fact is proven daily by the scores of clients that come to us after they learn that the .25 cent product costs them $100 in labor and minimum fees to mess with.

Our results are fantastic and nobody comes close to our success percentages, NOBODY.