About Us

Since 1980, APSCREEN has been an FCRA-Compliant Consumer Reporting Agency and a Certified Reseller of all three major credit bureaus: Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. Our firm is a MILSPEC-Level Quality Aerospace Sector Factual Employment Screening, Specialized Credit Reporting, and Pension Plan Participant Locator Service provider serving a wide client base which includes most of the Fortune 1000. (SAM.Gov Registration/DUNS # 784151586 CAGE/NCAGE 4QW86).

Our EmployeeLocator.com® missing plan participant service was developed in 1988 when a major Las Vegas casino client asked us to inexpensively locate 1,400 missing participants within two weeks. We accomplished that request in four days, concurrently building the finest process of its kind and since then, we have continually improved our service for over 5,000 clients who come primarily through referrals and consist of mostly of the Pension Administration Industry. There is a reason most professionals choose EmployeeLocator.com®.

We do not waste time sending letters to bad addresses. We find the right address the first time; and we consistently do that 99% of the time. In addition, your request is handled by old-fashioned customer service professionals who average over 20 years on the job and understand your needs and requirements.

We hand process each individual locate instead of passing your request through a database and sending you back only raw data - which is exactly what the $1.50 to $2.25 services provide. Our clients do not have time to waste, mailing countless letters to bad addresses and hoping for a hit. The truth is, they do not have to with EmployeeLocator.com®.

We provide you a complete, written report that meets the Title 29, Part 4050.4 "diligent effort" requirement and allows you to close the file once and for all. If your participant is deceased, we have an over 80% success rate identifying Next of Kin for a low, flat fee.

We also do not require our clients to pay minimum or sign-up fees, and, if you have a large list of participants, we are happy to discount our services accordingly.

To be clear, our service is not just a question of money. You can buy information typically anywhere from 50 cents to $2 but how much time do you have to put in to make that information work for you? The secret to a successful and efficient locate is to access the kind of depth and breadth of service that we offer and allow our trained professionals to determine the best address for your missing participant.

EmployeeLocator.com® provides a good address 99% of the time. The other 1% comprise deceased participants or people using different names which we can also locate for you so it makes no financial sense to employ the false economy of cheaper services.

Our standard search encompasses the Social Security Administration Death Master File (DMF); header data from the three credit bureaus, as well as over 30 other proprietary repositories to give you the best cross-section of available identification, address, alias, death and next of kin records available in one place. We search every competent repository available which is why you can feel safe that our reports are Title 29, Part 4050.4 "diligent effort" compliant.

Try us out! We are confident that you will immediately see the difference with our service and we are also happy to give you references.

Join most Pension and Benefits companies in the industry and see for yourself just how much more productive you can be by using EmployeeLocator.com®.

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