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Batch processing

If you have used our Batch Processing service before and understand the format requirements, you can upload your file here. If this is your first time using our batch processing system, you must read the instructions below first to assure prompt return of your order as well as accurate results.

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Phone Number
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Batch processing is a wonderful timesaver when you need to run more than five locates because this procedure described below allows us to quickly return the data to you in an appended, password-protected Excel Workbook file.

You then have the opportunity to easily upload the new mailing information into your software while your file stays secure until you use the password we send you in a separate email.

Your format must be exact to our File Input Format (file link below) in order for us to provide you with results in the timeliest manner.

Click here to download this sample file now. Please be sure to submit your data to us exactly as specified; otherwise incorrect formatting will delay processing.

You may leave fields blank if you do not have the requested information such as Addresses or Date of Birth, Middle Name, etc. – as long as we have the required number of columns (11), in the exact order, and at minimum the Last Name, First Name and full Social Security Number for each locate.

Some clients like to include the entirety of their data to be able to compare or have a seamless, across-the-page prove-up for Title 29, Part 4050.4 ‘diligent effort’ compliance, and that is fine as long as the file follows our format.

Your file must be converted from a .xls or .xlsx file to a .csv file which you can easily do by clicking on Save As and change the "Save as type" to CSV (Comma delimited).

Usually in 24 hours or less, we will return a password-protected, appended version of your file converted back to an Excel workbook (.xlsx) format.

The following information is what we provide:

Last Name, First Name, Middle Name or Initial*
Updated Name (where applicable)
If Deceased, the Date of Death**
Updated and Complete Address ***
Up to Three Telephone numbers****
Up to Three E-mail Addresses****

*Sometimes, the Social Security Administrations returns a “no-match” meaning that the Names and SSNs provided in your spreadsheet do not match SSA or IRS records. This will be evidenced by columns “L” and those thereafter being completely blank. In the e-mail containing your appended Excel workbook, we will identify which lines contain the Names and SSNs that do not match and offer you the opportunity to attempt to locate these participants using the OPEN Locate Platform. You may simply reply by e-mail and request us to: “Please run OPEN Locates” or by visiting the Order Form and selecting OPEN LOCATE from the drop-down Type of Service menu.

**Part of the appended spreadsheet includes a “Date of Death” column identifying participants that have passed away. If you require Next of Kin searches for any deceased participants identified in the “Date of Death” column simply respond by e-mail and say: “Please Run Next of Kin Reports” or request Next of Kin by revisiting the Order Form and select Next of Kin from the drop-down Type of Service menu.

***Sometimes the address you have may not be complete. We return the best, most-updated information available but can include information such as a new married name or an apartment number that you didn’t have so a new mailing attempt is called for.

****We provide telephone numbers and email addresses for you to be able to make contact with the participant in the event the address returned to you is the same and there is no new name on file. About 1/10th of 1% of the time there is just no better information for a missing participant, and at that point, as with our regular Locate NOW! Reports, in order to meet the Title 29, Part 4050.4 “diligent effort” requirement, and if you are terminating a plan or creating a diligent audit trail for that participant’s file, you will need to document your efforts to use all of the additional information that we provide. Once attempted and documented, you are done and can refer the file with confidence to the IRS or the PBGC.

Finally, once the file is formatted and saved, you may browse your files, upload the file and complete the order through the form above.

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